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We try to create an environment in which occasional and casual players feel safe and welcome.

If you have logged in within the last 2 years, you and your builds will be kept safe to the best of our ability.

Keeping your stuff safe

Signing your builds

It's a good idea to put a sign with your name on it in a prominent location, so that other players know whose build it is. It also means that if you become inactive and another player ever finds your build and wants to use it, the admin can contact you to let you know what's going on.


This one is a good first step. It is very powerful but requires no admin intervention - just a wooden shovel.

You can claim areas you'd like to protect using GriefPrevention. In summary, you hold a wooden shovel and hit the ground in two places to protect an area between those two points. Plots must be at least 2x2. Once claimed, other players can't break or place blocks, open chests, use redstone contraptions, kill animals, place water/lava, etc.

GriefPrevention claims expire after one year.

Community plots

In the post office and the community allotments, plot are considered available if the owner of the postbox or plot hasn't logged in for one year.

With the GriefPrevention plugin, a player can hit your plot with a stick to see whether the plot has been claimed with GriefPrevention, and if so, who claimed it. GriefPrevention claims last for one year.

If a postbox or allotment is not claimed with GriefPrevention, it might be because the player never claimed it in the first place. Players looking to repurpose a plot should use /seen <username> to find out when the owner last logged in (plugin: Seen). If it was over one year ago, the plot can be repurposed without asking an admin.

If you think (or know) that you will not be logging in for over a year but would like your plot to be in tact when you come back, ask the admin (Cassolotl) to put an admin claim around the plot. Admin claims don't expire.

For longer periods

If you know you will not be logging in for over a year and you'd like to keep your plot safe until then, you should place a sign (or several) in a prominent place in your build, explaining that you will be AFK for a long time and you would like your builds to remain untouched. Include your username and the date on your signs.

For added protection, you can ask the admin or a mod to make an admin claim around your build. This claim will never expire, and can be removed when you return.

How a player can gain permission to take someone else's build

A build can be repurposed by another player immediately if:

  • The known original owner has not logged in for two years or more and there are no signs on a property to indicate that they intend to come back after a long break.
  • The owner has been banned or has expressed to the admin that they won't be coming back. (See: Exceptions.)

If you have found a plot that you think is abandoned but you don't know who owns it, do the following in this order:

  1. Check for GriefPrevention plots by right-clicking blocks in the plot while holding a stick. This will tell you if the plot is claimed, and if so, by whom.
  2. Check for signs in the plot indicating ownership.
  3. Ask in the Telegram group or ask around among other players if they know whose build it is. In the Telegram group, providing a Dynmap URL and/or a screenshot can help with this.
  4. Ask the admin or a mod to check the plot with CoreProtect. If a player has been using or building things within the past couple of months, CoreProtect will know who.
  5. If there is still no information about whose build it is, an admin will admin-claim the area and place a sign in an obvious place stating that if no one claims ownership within three months the build will be claimed by another player. The signs will give an email address; the owner of the plot must contact the email address claiming ownership of the plot within three months of the date on the sign.
  6. Three months later, if no one has come forward to claim the build, the admin claim can be removed and a sign will be added to state that the build is available to players who'd like to move in.

If the owner of a build is known and they have logged in within the last two years and they've not declared it abandoned, you cannot have it.