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Sometimes there are builds that will be used a lot by everyone, that are intended to be community projects or community areas. These builds are big server decisions. When it's possible we build things together, with everyone's skills being put into one build. If there is a lot of disagreement over how it should be, or there are conflicting desires, we run a contest.

Typically contests have several stages:

  • Preamble: For players to review the rules and prepare. This is the stage where people can discuss and have input on the terms, the rules, the criteria, and can seek clarification on anything they're not sure on. As soon as the build phase begins, rules and such cannot be changed.
  • The build phase: For players to build their designs in Creative World, get it as good as it can be. This can include sharing your design, getting critique, improving it, etc. It can also involve players combining the best aspects of everyone's designs into one awesome design.
  • The review phase: A few days for players to look over the finished designs, to get a feel for how it would be to have the design functioning and well-used in the Survival World.
  • The voting phase: Players vote for their favourites. Usually around a week. The voting process should be laid out in the rules before the build phase.
  • Results: The votes are counted and announced. Everyone talks about how they feel about the results, and a decision is made on how to move forward. Most likely this will mean building the winning design.
  • Feedback: For players to (anonymously or publicly) report back about how they felt the contest went, and request any difficulties they experienced or propose changes to the process for the next contest.

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