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There may be some circumstances under which the server rules do not apply. These will be detailed here.

When players have permanently left the server

The players listed here have left the server. They may have been banned, or they may have left and told Cassolotl that people are welcome to use their items and builds as they see fit.

If you find anything marked by any players listed below, you can:

  • Disregard the rule about stealing or griefing. This player has left permanently, so any plots or chests marked with their name are available to anyone who wishes to claim them.
  • Ask Cassolotl to delete any remaining GriefPrevention claims, so that you can take items or use that land for something else.

What can I take?

Anything created and owned solely by a player or players on the list below. This includes but is not limited to:

  • land claims
  • builds
  • allotments
  • official mailboxes
  • chests

Please note that you are not entitled to anything that was previously co-owned. If even one of the players who made and marked something isn't listed below, they are probably still whitelisted, and you cannot take it.

Players who have left permanently

Listed alphabetically:

  • Galadrax1
  • Ladygeek26
  • Nardella
  • snaomi
    • For some reason claims by snaomi are not expiring. fallerOfFalls has also been gifted some builds by snaomi. If you find a GriefPrevention claim owned by snaomi, please give the co-ordinates to Cassolotl so they can manually delete the claim. It may be that the build is now owned by fallerOfFalls, so you should ask them before making any changes to the build.