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Everything you could ever need to know about Mods on This Land.

The Mods


While you're in-game, do not approach a mod or the admin for modthings unless their IGN is /blue in tablist.

Having said that, a mod or admin can warn or ban someone at any time for breaking the rules.

If you wish to contact a mod or admin, follow guidance on their in-game mailbox or on their wiki userpage. If that user has not provided guidance in either of these places, do not try to contact them about modthings.

Mod abilities

Mods can:

  • Change their IGN to /blue, to signal to others that they're in-game on mod business and may be available for mod tasks.
  • Warn people who break the server rules.
  • Ban a player who's previously received a warning for breaking any rules.
  • Use CoreProtect to find out who placed blocks and when.

Mods cannot:

  • Unban
  • Do anything special in GriefPrevention
  • Rollback griefing or theft using CoreProtect

If these things need doing, contact Cassolotl.

Commands Mods can use

  • /blue - to turn your username blue. See also how to use AutismChat.
  • /ban <player> - to ban someone. Note that only Admins can "unban" (/pardon).
  • /banlist - list all banned players.
  • CoreProtect commands:
    • /coreprotect inspect - toggles Inspect mode on and off. While it's on, you can left click to see what happened to a block, and right click to see what happened against that side of a block.
    • /coreprotect lookup <params> - I don't know how to use that yet. Check the documentation!
    • /coreprotect reload - allows you to reload coreprotect without reloading every plugin.
    • /coreprotect help

Handy notes

  • Being blue doesn't give Mods any extra abilities; it just lets others know that you're in-game on modding business and may be available for mod tasks.

Nominating a Mod

You can nominate a mod on this article's talk page. First check whether Cassolotl is open to new mod nominations, and then use the following template:

* '''Name of nominee:''' IGN, [[User:Userpage]]
* '''Nominator signature:'''
* '''Second signature:'''
* '''Nominee consent and signature:'''
* '''Admin approval and signature:'''
* '''Vote date and outcome:'''
* '''Mod status granted date:'''
* '''Mod status revoked date:'''
* '''Mod status revoted reason:'''