Music Disc Farm

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The Music Disc Farm was started by SavannaS on August 7th and finished on August 9, with small edits planned for the future. The purpose of the music disc farm is to obtain music discs from creepers when they are shot by skeletons. This occurs when the skeleton targets the player or an iron golem.

To function, the player must be the only one online or all online players must use the tall ladder in the Music Disc Farm to climb more than 120 blocks above the surface of the world, causing the world to set all hostile mob spawning to the dark spawning platforms located above the music disc farm. Only three platforms are present at current moment, but more will be added in the next rework of the farm.

After climbing to the top and waiting any chosen length of time, when players descend, hostile mobs will have spawned inside the dark spawning areas above the farm. When first built, the farm spawned any hostile mob that fit in a 1 block wide 2 block tall area and relied on a mob sorting system. Since then, the farm has been edited to spawn creepers only using trapdoors on the ceiling, since creepers are shorter than other hostile mobs.

It is possible to create an afk music disc farm by forcing the skeleton to aggro an iron golem, while placing water in between the skeleton and iron golem in order to prevent any arrows from harming the iron golem. This addition to the farm was completed from 10-8-17 through 10-9-17. However, creepers must still be spawned by going up and down the ladder, to set all spawns to the dark platforms, then return to the bottom to collect the loot from the chest.

The music disc farm is completely open to the public and accessible through the Nether Network by using the Zoominous portal. There is also a teleport block to the Zoominous on the pink Teleport Hub Road, Biway Highway. It is a hay block with a stone button and clearly indicates that it will teleport to the Zoominous, Music Disc Farm, and Cobblestone Resort.