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The post office interior, showing several claimed (on the left) and several unclaimed (on the right postboxes.
The post office is a community project created by Jazzable in February 2016.

It is a one-storey building made of spruce and glass, with no door (it's accessible only by teleport from the Teleport Hub).

How it works

A post box seen from the back. The red mushroom block and sign show that it has been claimed. The lit redstone lamp shows that the owner has received mail; the sunken double chest is the one the owner will open to retrieve it.

Each player claims a postbox by adding a custom block for easy at-a-glance navigation, plus a sign with their name on it. A player can then use GriefPrevention to protect their mail storage box.

Each postbox is comprised of an unprotected inbox and a hopper, both of which automatically take items using hoppers and put mail safely in a protected chest that, once claimed, only the owner can open.

Information board

The information board as of March 2016.


Welcome to the Post Office!
A communal place, for easily giving items and messages to other players without being online at the same time.
To give a player mail, drop items into the hopper or place items into the chest in the floor in front of the player's sign and block.
To claim a post box for yourself:

  1. Make a 2x2 Grief Prevention claim covering the double chest and the two blocks in front.
  2. Place a sign on top of the redstone lamp with your IGN.
  3. Place a block of any kind on top of the other space, to help you and others identify your post box.

GriefPrevention claims expire after 180 days. If you don't log in for a year, your post box may be reclaimed. To prevent this, leave a sign to say you're away. If you can't, then contact Cassolotl. You can only claim someone's old post box if they've been away for a year (type "/seen playername") and left no sign.