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Sea Trees on the Dynmap. (Link)
Sea Trees is originally built by Jazzable and was reclaimed by SavannaS. It consists of two giant jungle trees rising out of the ocean, with the tops reaching above cloud level. The trunks are hollow, as well as the larger branches. Smaller branches are solid, and most of the foliage was created by growing jungle saplings on top of the branches.

It can be found at co-ordinates x = 0, z = 1,700.


Jazzable originally built the trees as a base. One tree was their home, and the other tree was a public "Living Marketplace", which freely provided all farmable 'living' things. Jazzable decided to move to a new base after realising the trees were an overstimulating and stressful environment to be in.

Coincidentally, at around the same time the Great Entity Teleport Disaster occurred. This resulted in every animal at Sea Trees being teleported away and lost. Jazzable never restocked the Living Marketplace after this, and consequently Sea Trees was abandoned altogether.

Connected locations

While it was Jazzable's base, various other locations were connected to Sea Trees. Most of these were accessible by minecart, via a central 'train station' at sea level at the base of the trees. Connected locations included:

  • Emerald mine (y=10 branch mine in Extreme Hills biome)
  • Local mine (y=10 branch mine directly below the trees)
  • Small zombie pigman farm
  • Obsidian farm
  • Skeleton experience farm.

Current status

Jazzable abandoned their GriefPrevention claim over Sea Trees when they left in November 2015, but did not intentionally demolish or dismantle anything. There were signs stating that the area is unclaimed and unowned, meaning that any player is welcome to move in, change, destroy, and build, as if it was part of the natural environment. As a result, SavannaS moved in and claimed the area on August 10, 2017. They rebuilt it into the Sea Trees Campground. It now contains colorful tents and parrots. Anyone is welcome to visit Sea Trees and camp in one of the tents.

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