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This is the area you'll spawn in, taken February 2016. You can see the Safe House and the Skyland with Tree Farm. You can also see the tiny greenhouse that leads to the XP farm and Nether Network.
Spawn Island is the small island near the centre of the world which contains the global spawn point. It contains various amenities and materials which are useful for new players, as well as decorative areas.

It is connected to Zero Zero and Subzero by the Big Silly Bridge and the Nether Network. There is an underwater railway link in progress.


Skeleton XP farm

Close to the spawnpoint is a small glass-and-netherquartz building with a ladder down to an underground chamber.

In that underground chamber are various useful things.

XP farm

The spawning room in the skeleton XP farm, while it's turned off using redstone-powered lighting circuitry.
There's a lever near the entrance that turns the skeleton spawner on and off. Flipping the switch causes skeletons to spawn and be pushed into a safe spot that allows you to kill them in one hit without getting hurt by arrows. You collect XP, arrows, bones, enchanted bows, and armour. There are chests for storing any items that you don't need, so that other players have access to bones and arrows and bows without having to wait for the spawner.

All of the workings of the XP farm are fully visible with glass windows. Next to the bit where you hit the skeletons, there is a door through to a "behind the scenes" area that lets you safely see the spawner in action. You can watch the skeletons spawn in the dark room around the spawner, be pushed to the drop by flowing water, drop down and get fall damage, and then be scooped up and lifted to the XP farm room to be killed by players. The design is based on this one.

It's good to switch the spawner off when you leave, to prevent lag.

Near the entrance there are steps up to the spawner area itself, so you can see how all the redstone works.

Link to Nether Hub

There's a side door that leads to a a small nether portal, that will take you to the Nether Hub and the Nether Network.

Potions and enchanting

There's a brewing stand for public use and a little farm where you can grow and harvest various useful potions ingredients. There's also a Mush Room for growing mushrooms for potions, with a light switch to prevent mobs when not in use.

There's an enchanting table, powered by all 15 required bookshelves, plus a chest for unwanted enchanted books and book-making materials.

Skyland with Animal Farm

The north end of Spawn Island in February 2016, with the Skyland with Animal Farm, plus the start of the Big Silly Bridge.
Built by MowLiao.

Skyland with Tree Farm

Built by MowLiao.

Little house of boxes

Built by MowLiao.

Safe House

Built by MowLiao.


Totally not even nearly safe.


The Spawn Island in August 2014, 2 months after the server was started.