Freyr's Great Seamower of 2017

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On Thursday 18th May 2017, [[User:FallerOfFalls|fallerOfFalls]] finished building an epic seamower, a flying machine that moved back and forth over a large area of deep ocean to remove the water to make way for a gunpowder farm.
Aside from fallerOfFalls, six people logged in to watch. Cassian built a quick platform along two sides of the machine for optimal spectating. No one knew if it was going to break or explode or even work as intended. Dun dun dunnnnnn.
The machine worked without a hitch, and the sea was successfully de-seaed.
[[File:Seahole 01 everyone arriving.png|thumb|600px|Everyone gradually turns up, many people guided by boat from fallerOfFalls' base.]]
[[File:Seahole 02 IT BEGINS.png|thumb|600px|The machine starts!]]
[[File:Seahole 03 it rain.png|thumb|600px|It rained a lot for the first half.. page in progress ...]]
[[File:Seahole 04 album shot.png|thumb|600px|Everyone looked awesome.]]
[[File:Seahole 05 aerial shot.png|thumb|600px|Cassolotl cheated with their God powers just to take nice photos.]]
[[File:Seahole 06 many visual glitch.png|thumb|600px|The machine is resource-intensive - there were many visual glitches.]]
[[File:Seahole 07 submarine voyeur.png|thumb|600px|Octangula could see the machine machining through the leaves at the sea bed.]]
[[File:Seahole 08 it done.png|thumb|600px|When the machine got to the first block in the sea bed that it couldn't move, it stopped. There's still a couple of layers of water to remove manually.]]
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