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Inactive players

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The process of claiming builds of banned players: Adding an "after that"
* At the end of that month, Cassolotl will give uncontested claims to their claimants.
* If there are any builds that have more than one person claiming them, Cassolotl will discuss the issue with everyone involved and make an executive decision about who gets which builds.
* After builds have been distributed to people who want them, everything the banned player made becomes fair game.
** Cassolotl will do <code>/deleteallclaims username</code> if possible, removing all GriefPrevention claims still belonging to the banned player, allowing anyone to modify and/or reclaim a build.
** If that is not possible, players are welcome to [[User:Cassolotl#Contact|contact Cassolotl]] to ask them to remove the banned player's claims at any time, for any reason.
That's one month of no one doing anything, then one month of registering interest, and ''then'' the builds will be given to their new owners.
Cassolotl will log into the server at the same time as the new owner of a build, and they'll both go to the build in-game. Cassolotl will delete the GriefPrevention claim, and then the new owner can claim it immediately. This protects valuable builds from creepers, endermen, griefing, etc.
'''===See also:''' === * [[Abandoned builds#How a player can gain permission to take someone else's build|Abandoned builds: How a player can gain permission to take someone else's build]] (- for situations where people are not sure whether or not a build belonged to a player who has been banned).
== Players who have left permanently ==

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