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'''This Land''' is a Spigot 1.8 Minecraft server maintained with the comfort and safety of [[<div style="float:Categoryright; width:Players who are autistic50%; padding-left: 50px; padding-bottom: 50px">{| class="wikitable" width=100%! style="text-align: left; font-weight: normal;" | {{RecentUpdates}}|autistic players]] in mind. It is open to anyone over the age of 18.}</div>
This wiki requires new members to be whitelisted is an information resource for existing and prospective players on the server '''This Land''', an autism-friendly, nonbinary-gender-inclusive Minecraft Server. This Land has been running since June 2014, and approved is maintained by a mod/admin before they can edit pages. If you want to help improve this wiki, check out the [[User:Category:StubsCassolotl|stubsCassolotl]], [[:Category:Article needs images|articles that need images]]hero admin deity. Anyone (including cis people, binary people, and non-autistics) aged 18 or over is welcome so long as they follow [[Specialhttp:WantedPages|wanted pages]]//thislandmcserver==Places to visit on server== *[[Zero Zero-rules.html the rules]]**[[Subzero]]**[[:Category:Projects linked , but should remember that This Land is specifically tailored to the Teleport Hub|Projects linked to the Teleport Hub]] in Subzero*[[Nether Network]]*[[Community allotments]]*[[Automated Market]]*[[Spawn Island]]**[[Spawn XP Farm]]**[[Big Silly Bridge]]*[[Jazzable's Everything Farm]] ==Support==be a safe place for autistic and nonbinary people.
==Useful Pages==
* [[Our plugins]]
*[[What sets This Land apart from other Minecraft servers]]
*[[How to join This Land]]
*[[How to wiki]]*[[How to use the Dynmap]]*[[How to use the GriefPrevention pluginWhere should I go?]]
*[[How to use the AutismChat plugin]]
*[[How to use the Dynmap]]
*[[How to use GriefPrevention]]
*[[How to improve gaming performance]]
*[[How to wiki|How to contribute to this wiki]]
*[[:Category:Supporting the server|Supporting the server financially in exchange for in-game perks that benefit all players]]
==Other resourcesExternal Links==
* [ The Official Website]
* [http://18589.3834.14896.13819:8765/ The Dynmap]
* [ Telegram news channel]
* [ Subreddit: /r/thislandMCserver]
We've got:
* {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} [[Special:AllPages|articles]]
* {{NUMBEROFEDITS}} [[Special:RecentChanges|edits]]
* {{NUMBEROFUSERS}} [[Special:ListUsers|members]], {{NUMBEROFACTIVEUSERS}} of which are active
If you're into this sort of thing, you may also enjoy [[Special:Statistics|more statistics]].
==Pages for established players==
* [[Server decisions]], past and future
* [[:Category:Contests]]

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