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What sets This Land apart from other Minecraft servers

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This Land is a little very different than the vast majority of pretty much every other Minecraft serversserver.
==Bullet point summaryKeywords you'll recognise if you've ever played on public Minecraft servers==* '''Small''' - currently about 6 regular players.
* '''Semi-vanilla''' - just [[Our plugins|a few plugins]] mostly for protection and chat management, nothing game changing.
* '''Survival''' - all players (including mods and admins) play and build in survival mode, and have done from the very beginning so anything you see<ref>Exception: the [[tutorial building]] was thrown up quickly by the admin in creative mode because it was considered urgent and not something that interferes with the rest of the server.</ref> has been resourced and built with blood, sweat, and tears.
* '''Player-versus-environment''' - this server is not focused on player-versus-player.<ref>We have a [[Our plugins#PvPManager|PvP plugin]] that you can use if you want to fight with other players who want to fight.</ref>
* '''Mature''' - only players 18 and older are allowed to join.
* '''Small''' - currently about 6 regular players.
* '''Whitelisted''' - something something, words.
==Keywords you might not recognise==
* '''[ Consent culture]''' - Doing things that affect others without their permission is not how we do things.
*'''[ Autistic space]''' - run by and for [[:Category:Players who are autistic|autistic people]]<ref> definitely autistic people, not people with autism. Autism is part of who/what we are and it's not an illness.</ref>
*'''Non-binary Nonbinary friendly''' - a safe place for non-binary nonbinary trans people - your pronouns will be respected.* '''Unadvertised''' - This Land isn't advertised in standard Minecraft server listings, So we never have any griefers. ==Extra features maintained by staff==
* '''Custom [[How to use AutismChat|AutismChat plugin]]''' - significantly more control over chat-related stimulus.
* '''Effective, Accessible out-of-game communication''' - [[Telegram groups]] for socialising and discussion without having to be online at the same time as others.
==Other, more volitile selling points, but no less awesome==
* '''Organically evolving in-game infrastructure''' - [[Nether Network]], [[Jazzable's Everything Farm]], [[Automated Market]].
* '''[[Nether Hub#Heart Button|Whimsical admin]]''' - [[User:Cassolotl|Cassolotl]] makes the server both safe and fun.

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