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What sets This Land apart from other Minecraft servers

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Emergent Features: rewriting the infrastructure bit. removed jazzable's everything farm. It turns out that production is not infrastructure.
==Emergent Features==
* '''Small/Quiet''' - currently about 6 regular players. This Land is intentionally not advertised in standard Minecraft server listings; we grow slowly by tweets, tumblr posts and friend referrals. Even if there were many players
* '''Organically evolving in-game infrastructure''' - the [[Nether Network]]is an open transportation system that you can connect your base to, wherever you are; Our redstone currency is backed by diamonds<ref>you can trade 32 redstone blocks for a diamond and vice versa</ref> at the [[Jazzable's Everything FarmAutomated Market]], ; a [[Automated MarketPost Office]]and voting booth is coming soon
==What is it like to play on This Land/player testimonials==

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