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Talk:Appointing of mods (archived)

446 bytes added, 13:36, 11 February 2016
added comment about things not being filled in in order
::I agree, and I've updated the template to reflect this.
:::--'''[[User:Cassolotl|<span style="color:#008000">Cassolotl</span>]]''', Admin ''<small>([[User_Talk:Cassolotl|talk]]) <span style="color:#808080">pronouns: they/them</span></small>'' 13:17, 11 February 2016 (UTC)
Why does it say "These fields should be filled in in order, eg: the admin should not approve before the nominee has consented. " and then the first nomanation isn't filled in ''in order''?
:--'''[[User:FallerOfFalls|<span style="color:#008080">fallerOfFalls</span>]]''', Extortionist ''<small>([[User_Talk:FallerOfFalls|talk]]) <span style="color:#808080">pronouns: they/them/their/theirs/themself</span></small>'' 13:36, 11 February 2016 (UTC)
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