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  == The Mods == * [[UserThis wiki is in the process of being moved. This page can be found on the new wiki here:Jazzable]] (IGN Jazzable)* [[Userhttps:birdsprite]] (IGN Prototagonist)  == Commands Mods can use == * <code>/blue</code> - to turn your username bluethisland. See also [[how to use AutismChat]]miraheze.* <code>org/ban <player><wiki/code> - to ban someone. Note that only Admins can "unban" (<code>/pardon</code>).* <code>/banlist</code> - list all banned players. === Handy notes === * Being blue doesn't give you any extra abilities; it just lets others know that you're in-game on modding business and may be available for mod tasks.Mods

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