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{{merge|[[Moderator Guidelines]]|Go see [[Talk:Mods]] for discussion. --[[User:Cassolotl]]}} Everything you could ever need to know about Mods on This Land. == The Mods == * [[User:Jazzable]] (IGN Jazzable)* [[User:birdsprite]] (IGN Prototagonist) ==Role== Do not approach a mod or the admin for modthings unless their IGN wiki is /blue in tablist. If their IGN is not /blue, they are just here as an average player. Having said that, a mod or admin ''can'' warn or ban someone at any time for breaking the rules. If you wish to contact a mod or admin, follow guidance on their in-game mailbox or on their wiki userpage. If that user has not provided guidance in either process of these places, do not try to contact them about modthingsbeing moved===Mod abilities=== Mods This page can: * Change their [[IGN]] to /blue, to signal to others that they're in-game be found on mod business and may be available for mod tasks.* Warn people who break the [[server rules]].* Ban a player who's previously received a warning for breaking any rules.* Use CoreProtect to find out who placed blocks and when. Mods cannotnew wiki here* Unban* Do anything special in GriefPrevention* Rollback griefing or theft using CoreProtect If these things need doing, [[Userhttps:Cassolotl#Contact|contact Cassolotl]]. == Commands Mods can use == * <code>/blue</code> - to turn your username bluethisland. See also [[how to use AutismChat]]miraheze.* <code>org/ban <player><wiki/code> - to ban someone. Note that only Admins can "unban" (<code>/pardon</code>).* <code>/banlist</code> - list all banned players.* CoreProtect [ commands]:** <code>/coreprotect inspect</code> - toggles Inspect mode on and off. While it's on, you can left click to see what happened to a block, and right click to see what happened against that side of a block.** <code>/coreprotect lookup <params></code> - I don't know how to use that yet. Check the documentation!** <code>/coreprotect reload</code> - allows you to reload coreprotect without reloading every plugin.** <code>/coreprotect help</code> === Handy notes === * Being blue doesn't give Mods any extra abilities; it just lets others know that you're in-game on modding business and may be available for mod tasks. == Nominating a Mod == You can nominate a mod on this article's [[Talk:Mods|talk page]]. First check whether Cassolotl is open to new mod nominations, and then use the following template: <code><nowiki>===Date===</nowiki><br><nowiki>* '''Name of nominee:''' IGN, [[User:Userpage]]</nowiki><br><nowiki>* '''Nominator signature:''' </nowiki><br><nowiki>* '''Second signature:''' </nowiki><br><nowiki>* '''Nominee consent and signature:''' </nowiki><br><nowiki>* '''Admin approval and signature:''' </nowiki><br><nowiki>* '''Vote date and outcome:''' </nowiki><br><nowiki>* '''Mod status granted date:''' </nowiki><br><nowiki>* '''Mod status revoked date:''' </nowiki><br><nowiki>* '''Mod status revoted reason:''' </nowiki></code>

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