Nether Hub Redesign April 2016 Plan

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The Plot: More detail, sections, etc.
==The Plot==
Move things to the "done" section at the end as they are completed.
===Making the New Hub room===
Dig down from a point near x=0, z=0 in the current Nether Hub, down to y=8. (It should only be 5 blocks down.)
* This will need lots of pickaxes - anyone up for repairing diamond tools or providing a lot of iron?
* This may also benefit from a lot of fire resistance potion for occasional dangerous lava pockets - anyone up for some brewing?
Add the frame of the Zero Zero nether portal using 12 obsidian blocks, against the zero zero point, on the south side.
* This is hard to describe but Zero Zero is a point between four blocks rather than a block on its own. So the portal can't be dead centre. The mock-up puts the portal facing north/south, and I think it's built on the south side of the zero zero point - putting 19 blocks between the portal and the south wall, and 20 between the portal and the north wall.
Pave the entire 40 x 40 room with smooth stone slabs.
* That's 1,600 smooth stone slabs, or 25 stacks.
** That'll require 800 smooth stone blocks to craft, or 12.5 stacks.
Make the vertical tunnel between Old Hub and New Hub accessible and easy somehow. Maybe move it to one of the walls that won't get knocked down?
Get some crafting tables and ovens up in here for convenience somehow.
===Getting the tunnels started===
Dig out 10 blocks or so of each of the 8 paths and label them with direction signs.
* North, South, East and West are centred on the relevant 0 co-ordinate, and each are 4 blocks wide.
* For the diagonal roads, copy the mock-up design (picture to the right incoming).
Anyone who likes a lot of digging can extend and/or pave these tunnels.
* Paving is builders' and residents' choice.
* Lengths of road we need are:
** North: 200 blocks, ie: to x=0, z=-200.
** South: 900 blocks, ie: to x=0, z=900.
==Done things==
Cut and paste tasks over to this section when they're done, and feel free to sign with four tildes if you want.
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