Nether Hub Redesign April 2016 Plan

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Making the New Hub room: A bit on the height of the new hub's room
Dig down from a point near x=0, z=0 in the current Nether Hub, down to y=8. (It should only be 5 blocks down.)
Dig to Zero Zero. Mark the spot 0, 0 and dig a room 20 blocks in all directions centred on 0, 0 - so 40 x 40 total. Make it 4 blocks high.(The final room will be taller, but if we dig that high now we'll lose the floor of the old hub!)
* This will need lots of pickaxes - anyone up for repairing diamond tools or providing a lot of iron?
* This may also benefit from a lot of fire resistance potion for occasional dangerous lava pockets - anyone up for some brewing?