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Nether Network

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[[File:Cassolotl's Proposed 2016-07-29 Nether Network Redesign April 2016Map.jpg|300px|thumb|right|The proposed Nether Network design by Cassolotl from April as of July 2016. The network may differ from this proposal; the new network has not yet been accurately mapped.]]The [[Nether Network]] is a network of tunnels and nether portals at low y co-ordinates in the nether, providing fast transit between places without the expense and permanence of a teleport. At the centre of the nether, as a counterpart of [[Zero Zero]] and [[Spawn Island]], is the [[Nether Hub]]. There are ''many'' ways to access the Nether Network, as almost every base and project has a connected portal.
[[File:2016-01_Jazzable_Nethermap.jpg|300px|thumb|right|[[User:Jazzable|Jazzable]] maintains a map of the Nether Network. This one was made in January 2016.]]The first network was at a low y-level, but still high enough to occasionally run into lava lakes and cause problems. It was sprawling and chaotic, but very effective for getting from A to B quickly. It was replaced by the new, lower network along with the new [[Nether Hub]] in April 2016 with a huge community effort, largely motivated by the desire for a floor that prevented spawns.
===The second network===
[[File:Cassolotl's Proposed Nether Network Redesign April 2016.jpg|300px|thumb|right|The proposed Nether Network design by Cassolotl from April 2016.]]In May and June of 2016, the network was radically redesigned along with the Nether Hub, to incorporate the eight main roads and many smaller roads off them leading to portals.

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