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Jobs for teleports

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A term and condition
* 1x teleport block = 1x teleport block, NOT one pair of teleport blocks.
* In advance of doing the job, you must tell Cassian that you're about to do it, to prevent two people trying to do it at once and causing a conflict over a teleport block!
* The payment can't be changed after you've started the job. If you want to negotiate anything, make sure to agree the details with Cassolotl in advance.
==Job 1: Standing offer for Nether Network navigation and lighting==[[File:NetherNavigation.png|thumb|300px]]* '''Location:''' Spawn Island to Subzero underwater railwayNether Network
* '''The job:'''
** Replace all Use up 64 blocks of coloured wool in the floor blocks with stone bricks, being careful to replace rails exactly as they were before the jobNether Network.** Replace all the non-glass wall Blocks should be every ten blocks (so 9 blocks ''between'' each block of wool), and ceiling 1.5 blocks with prismarine bricksfrom floor level, being careful to replace redstone torches as they were before on '''both sides''' of the jobroad.** Add regular sea lanterns for lightingEach wool block should look like the image to the right, taking down all non-redstone torches with a torch placed on its top surface, and a sign placed on the front following this exact formula:<code>COLOUR</code><br><code>Direction as you gowritten on wool pillar in hub</code><br><code>[empty line]</code><br><code><<< Hub <<<</code> or <code>>>> Hub >>></code> depending on the direction to the hub/zero zero.
* '''The pay:''' 2x teleport blocks
* '''Notes:''' As of September 2017, roads that have been dug out but still need some wool blocks placing are:
** Violet (West)
** Indigo (South-West) - needs signage

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