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Jobs for teleports

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Job 3: Standing offer for Nether Network navigation and lighting: Adding job 4
<code>[empty line]</code><br>
<code><<< Hub <<<</code> or <code>>>> Hub >>></code> depending on the direction to the hub/zero zero.
* '''The pay:''' 2x teleport blocks
==Job 4: Wool removal in the old nether hub==
* '''Location:''' Old nether hub (above gay bathroom, look for the glass-encased ladder up)
* '''The job:'''
** Remove all the blue wool from the walls of the old nether hub.
** Fill in the walls with netherrack (there's some in chests in the new hub that's free to take) so that they are flat and spawn-proof.
** Put the blue wool in chests near the entrance labeled "help yourself".
* '''The pay:''' 2x teleport blocks

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