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What sets This Land apart from other Minecraft servers

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Technical Features: change "mature" to "adult" because someone on imzy complained
* '''Survival''' - all players (including mods and admins) play and build in survival mode, and have done from the very beginning so anything you see<ref>Exception: the [[tutorial building]] was thrown up quickly by the admin in creative mode because it was considered urgent and not something that interferes with the rest of the server.</ref> has been resourced and built with blood, sweat, and tears. This makes the server very fair<ref>We're autistic, so we like that :P</ref> - staff have to go mining for their diamonds, just like everyone else.
* '''Player-versus-environment''' - this server is not focused on player-versus-player.<ref>We have a [[Our plugins#PvPManager|PvP plugin]] that you can use if you want to fight with other players who want to fight.</ref>
* '''MatureAdult''' - only players 18 and older are allowed to join.
* '''Whitelisted''' - you have to apply to join; much easier to maintain a safe place this way.
* '''Custom [[How to use AutismChat|AutismChat plugin]]''' - significantly more control over chat-related stimulus.

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