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  • ...y built by [[User:Jazzable|Jazzable]] and was reclaimed by [[User:SavannaS|SavannaS]]. It consists of two giant jungle trees rising out of the ocean, with the ...roy, and build, as if it was part of the natural environment. As a result, SavannaS moved in and claimed the area on August 10, 2017. They rebuilt it into the
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  • ...y 3, 2017 and completed on August 10, 2017. It is built directly on top of SavannaS's first base and a base of genderception. The Zoominous connects to a [[Mus
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  • The Music Disc Farm was started by SavannaS on August 7th and finished on August 9, with small edits planned for the fu
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  • ...keleton and Blaze Farm, but it was shown to SavannaS by FallerOfFalls, and SavannaS added mooshrooms to the area. There is a medium size nether wart farm locat
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  • ...that are explored, the higher the chance a new end portal will be located. SavannaS has named portals after Mean Girls characters, but the naming system is opt
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