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Swamp Town seen from the air in November 2016
Swamp Town is a project located directly south of Spawn, past a small ocean.

It is a town created a small distance away from setavulos' house, and primarily built by setavulos.


The area now known as Swamp Town was first settled by Jazzable, who used that area as a base for some time. After leaving for a new area, the swamp was left in a relatively naturalistic condition, barring the mine and nether portal that could be found built into the mountain.

In mid 2016, setavulos joined the server and settled in the area, building their house on a hill near the shore to Spawn. They lived in the area near the shore for a while, and then decided to build an Inn in a large clearing near the mountain. The old nether portal and mine was found, and eventually setavulos found out that this was Jazzable's old area. After building the Inn, setavulos decided to build a small town nearby to have a reason for the Inn's location. That was the beginning of Swamp Town.

Locations of Interest

  • AFK Fishing building -- now repaired! Please read signs inside of the building for instructions.
  • First Bank of Swamp Town -- there is a collective valuables area to the north of the Junkyard. All items are free, however it is suggested to leave something for someone else when claiming from the bank!
  • Food Farms -- various animal farms will be located at Swamp Town. Currently there is a small decorative cow farm next to the Temple in the north of town, but more efficient semi-automatic and automatic food systems will be added in the future.
  • Junkyard -- a replacement for the junkyard that used to be in the old nether hub. It has 3 floors: a miscellaneous floor, a floor for wood, and a floor for stone and other building blocks. Look for the large green and brown warehouse to the east of the teleport building.
  • Lapis Wishing Well -- in the center of the town, toss in a piece of lapis for a gift from the wishing well!
  • Swamp Town Inn -- south of Swamp Town is a large inn. Inside can be found various rooms for boarding, as well as the Redstone Cafe, which serves various kinds of soups and stews. There is also a gender-neutral bathroom facility complete with working shower and bathtub.
  • Temple -- a large Grecian-style temple in the north of town, complete with full-time cleric and altar for offerings.
  • Villager Breeder -- toss them several stacks of food and they will start breeding! Transort of villagers not provided, however, a selection mechanism that allows for the killing of unwanted villagers will be added.
Swamp Town's Christmas Tree 2016

Past Events

  • Christmas 2016 -- In December of 2016, setavulos built a large tree in the center of Swamp Town around the wishing well and invited all active players to partake in various gifts left in shulker boxes.


"it's all made of squares"  - Charlie