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* [[Jazzable's Everything Farm]]
* [[Jazzable's Everything Farm]]
* LadyGeek's beach house
* LadyGeek's beach house
* Cassolotl's Protobase
==See also==
==See also==

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View of the Teleport Hub from the arch in Subzero, taken February 2016.

The Teleport Hub is a central area intended for easy teleport travel, located in Subzero. The hub consists of a central pathway with teleport areas on either side. Each 5x5 teleport plot contains an identifying block, a sign stating the location, and a button to use the teleport. Teleport blocks can be purchased for a £2 donation to the server, by contacting Cassolotl.


The destinations of usable teleports currently in the teleport hub (as described on their signs):

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