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View of the Teleport Hub from the arch in Subzero, taken February 2016.

The Teleport Hub is a central area intended for easy teleport travel, located in Subzero. The hub consists of a central pathway with teleport areas on either side. Each 5x5 teleport plot contains an identifying block, a sign stating the location, and a button to use the teleport. Teleport blocks can be purchased for a £2 donation to the server, by contacting Cassolotl.


The destinations of usable teleports currently in the teleport hub (as described on their signs):

Teleports on the left Path Teleports on the right
Empty ... DANGER! High altitude elytra launch
Jazzable's mega XP farm ... AlextheUnicat's base
Birdsprite's chestshop mall ... Automated market via fallerOfFalls' base
Voting room ... Cassolotl's protobase
Jazzable's Everything Farm ... Jazzable's base
Post office ... Community allotments

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