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Teleport blocks are one of very few non-survival aspects of the server. They are a way to support the server financially, while benefitting in-game.

A teleport block is a command block specifically programmed to teleport the nearest player to a specified location.


  • The number of teleport blocks on the server is not recorded.
  • Technically after they have been placed they are not owned by anyone and are part of the natural landscape, though they may be claimed as part of a player's territory.
  • There are places where teleport blocks naturally accumulate, such as the teleport hub in Subzero - but they can be placed anywhere that a player has been, and can teleport to anywhere that a player has been.
  • In time, more command blocks with different functions may be offered for donation.

Server/technical restrictions

  • Minecraft's End User License Agreement (EULA) states that in-game advantages cannot be purchased with AFK donations. For this reason, all players must have equal access to your teleport block. Please ensure that GriefPrevention does not prevent anyone from using pressure plates or buttons attached to your teleport block.
  • Teleport blocks cannot teleport between worlds, eg: overworld to nether.

Restrictions by Cassolotl

  • You must have been to the places you want to teleport to and from. This is to prevent players using teleport blocks to explore by teleporting to a random location.
  • Teleport blocks cannot be changed after they've been there for a week. They become a permanent landscape feature, like the End gateway portals in the End. This is because Cassolotl doesn't want the extra work of having to move teleports every time someone rearranges their base a little bit.
  • No teleport blocks in GriefPrevention admin claims, such as on Spawn Island or at Zero Zero.
  • If you use a teleport block to intentionally harm another player, you're breaking the server rules and you will be banned.

How to write your co-ordinates

  • tp - this tells the command block to use the teleport command. (Required)
  • @p - this tells the command block to use that teleport command on the nearest player. (Required)
  • <x co-ord> - this tells the command block which x co-ordinate to teleport the player to. (Required)
  • <y co-ord> - this tells the command block which y co-ordinate to teleport the player to. The y co-ordinate is the "height" co-ordinate. (Required)
  • <z co-ord> - this tells the command block which z co-ordinate to teleport the player to. (Required)
  • [<y-rot> <x-rot>] - this tells the command block which direction the player should be facing when they land. (Optional)
    • y-rot is compass direction - North, South, East or West, or any point between. (-180.0 for due north, -90.0 for due east, 0.0 for due south, 90.0 for due west, to 179.9 for just west of due north, before wrapping back around to -180.0)
    • x-rot is up/down direction - from -90.0 for straight up to 90.0 for straight down.

All of these can be found in the debug screen:

Debug screen co-ord finder.png

So what you should end up with is something like this:

  • tp @p 40.5 67 -40.5 -180.0 0.0
    • That's teleporting the nearest player to x = 40, y = 67, z = -40, and the player is facing straight north when they land.

If you're curious, you can find more detail here.

Placement notes

  • Set your y co-ordinate for the landing point to one block higher than where you want to end up standing. There's a weird glitch that means you can sometimes get stuck in the floor. Landing a little above the floor prevents this bug from harming anyone.
  • If you set your x or z landing point co-ordinate to a whole number (for example, x = 7), the teleport block will automatically add 0.5 because it assumes you want to land on the middle of a block. Choose x and z co-ordinates to 1 decimal place (for example, x = 7.0), to be sure you land in the place you want to.

What to do

  • Use the debug screen (press F3) in-game to choose the destination co-ordinates of your teleport block(s). See placement notes above to get it exactly right.
  • Go here and donate £2 per teleport block to Cassolotl. (Please note that if you want a two-way teleport, that's two teleport blocks, which costs £4.)
  • Contact Cassolotl to arrange a good time for you to both be online.
  • Log in and stand in the approximate place where your first teleport block is going to go. This is so Cassolotl can teleport to you when they log in.
  • Cassolotl will give you the command block to place.
  • Tell Cassolotl the co-ordinates, and they'll set it.
  • Put a button on the command block and right-click it to test the teleport.
  • Make sure you are 100% happy with the placement and the landing point. Cassolotl will move it within a week of placement, since tweaks can sometimes be necessary, but after that the teleport block and the destination will not be moved.

Financial transparency

The server costs Cassian £5 per month to run, and they get as many teleports as they want because they are Deity.

Buying teleport blocks contributes to the costs of the server, and enhances playing experience for everyone, meaning more players and more donations, and that means we can upgrade the server sometimes or maybe one day move to a better host.