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===What will stay the same?===
===What will stay the same?===
We will still have the following plugins:
We will still have the following [[Our plugins|plugins]]:
* GriefPrevention
* GriefPrevention

Latest revision as of 12:36, 19 October 2019

On 19th November 2019 at 12 noon UK time, This Land will be scrapping the old map and starting a new map.

The Luggage Migration area

The Luggage Migration area is just outside the post office, which you can teleport to from the Teleport Hub.

Information board


This area is for player to take one chest of precious items to the new map on This Land 2.0. Players have one month (ending at noon UK time on 2019-11-19) to place all their precious items in a chest. Shulker boxes are fine!

  1. Put your stuff in a box. Shulker boxes are permitted.
  2. Use the sign to label the chest with your username.
  3. Use the enclosed wooden shovel to claim your plot using GriefPrevention (right-click each coloured wool).
  4. On 2019-11-19 the admins will move your things!

If you want to check your claim, right-click in the area with a stick.

Teleport blocks

Each current player on This Land will be entitled to one teleport block pair. You don't have to claim it immediately, since we understand it might take you a while to settle somewhere permanently.


What will change?

At the moment there are no suitable plugins to make sure that we have a creative world with an entirely separate inventory, so we won't have a creative world.

The overworld, the nether and the end will all be entirely freshly generated and unexplored, with 1.14.4 features.

There will be no infrastructure (such as handy railways, an XP farm, a teleport hub, a post office, etc.) until players make them.

What will stay the same?

We will still have the following plugins:

  • GriefPrevention
  • AutismChat
  • CoreProtect (in case of griefing)
  • /seen
  • PVP Manager
  • Dynmap

We may also still have Floristics - Jay is working on it!

We will still be a survival server by and for autistic people, open to all players 18 and older, but prioritising the needs and experiences of autistic and trans players.

Will I lose my inventory?

Yes, aside from anything you put in your Luggage Migration chest outside the post office (linked to the Teleport Hub).

Will I lose my base?

Yes, unfortunately. (We ran a vote a while back on whether to reset the map and the vast majority voted in favour even though it would mean losing their base, so hopefully this doesn't bother too many people.)

I don't know how to use GriefPrevention to protect my Luggage Migration chest.

You can look at How to use GriefPrevention, but basically:

  1. Hold a wooden shovel in your main hand.
  2. Hit the ground (right-click) where you want the first corner of your GriefPrevention claim to be. If you've done it right that block should change to look like a diamond block.
  3. Hit the ground again (right click) in the spot where you want the claim's opposite corner to be. If you've done it right the four corners of your claim should change to look like glowstone blocks.
  4. Inside this tiny 3x3 claim, no one will be able to break or place any blocks, and no one will be able to see inside your chest.

Each Luggage Migration plot contains a wooden shovel, and it also should have two coloured wool blocks at the diagonally-opposite corners so you know where to hit the shovel.

What is the new map like? What will it be like when I arrive?

You will spawn on an island, and Zero Zero is also an island. There is a lot of ocean around the spawn area, complete with 1.14.4 ocean features.

The spawn island and the Zero Zero island will have safe houses in case you log in at night, but you won't be able to build there. You will have to explore further to choose land for a base (if you want to build a base), get food, get resources, etc. There is no XP farm, post office, or teleport hub yet - that's up to members!