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SavannaS joined This Land on June 11, 2017. You may call them SavannaS, Savanna, or Scout. Their pronouns are They/Themself or They/Themselves and they enjoy sea lanterns.

Notable works:

Unfinished works in the pipe line:

  • Cat Adoption Center
  • Sea Trees (under new ownership and construction, it was first made by Jazzable)
  • Future Blaze XP Farm
  • Future Wither Skeleton Head Farm
  • Future Additional Iron AFK Farm
  • TnT drilling into a Stronghold
  • SavannaS EndCity


  • Discord: conwaysoup#8551
  • Tumblr:
  • Sea Lantern mailbox in-game at the Post Office
  • SavannaS can be found at the This Land Telegram or the This Land Discord channel.

Testimonials: (anyone can add here)