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*The informal junkyard in the [[Nether Hub]].
*The informal junkyard in the [[Nether Hub]].

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When you first log in on the Spawn Island, the first thing you should do is press the button taking you to the tutorial building. This page has some recommendations for where to go next.

If you want to find a place of your own to build a base


  • Get in a boat, and sail away in any direction till you hit land.
  • Go north along the Big Silly Bridge and find a place near Cassolotl's Village (several other players have builds in this area too).
  • Use the Dynmap to find a place you like the look of.

If you want to find central and community builds

There are a few central and community projects you might want to visit:

  • Subzero contains an underwater teleport hub, where you can easily get to player's bases and other interesting places. Find Subzero by following the Big Silly Bridge and then taking the first left turn. Once you get to a small square island (that's Zero Zero), jump down the hole in the middle to get to Subzero.
  • The Nether Hub is the central area of the Nether Network. There you can find mooshrooms, an informal junkyard, and signposts to most other locations through the Nether Network.
  • The Community allotments are where players use a small plot of land to express themselves. You can get to the allotments most easily by a teleport from Subzero.
  • The Post Office is an upcoming build where you'll be able to give and receive messages and items from other players in-game without needing to be online together. This will also be accessible by teleport from Subzero.

If you want to find cool stuff that other players have made

Lots of players have made pretty, interesting, and useful builds all over the server. Here are a small selection of suggestions:

If you want resources without having to do any work

The articles were written by wiki members to help server players who want to learn about plugins, Minecraft generally, or wiki-editing.