Wither Skeleton and Blaze Farm

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The Wither Skeleton and Blaze Farm is a large and dark area of Nether Fortress where large amounts of nether hostile mobs spawn. It is not an AFK farm and fire resistance potions are highly recommended. There are two blaze spawners attached to the fortress right next to the Unsafe Safe House. It is unknown who found and created the Wither Skeleton and Blaze Farm, but it was shown to SavannaS by FallerOfFalls, and SavannaS added mooshrooms to the area. There is a medium size nether wart farm located by the entrance to the first set of stairs, presumably built by the person who made the wither skeleton and blaze farm, as well as a horse stabling area with an unnamed saddled horse of unknown owner.

To reach this farm, first go down the light blue (south) line in the Nether Hub until you reach Nether Spillerville. From there, keep going east. Please note that the farm cannot be reached by using the southeast Nether Hub Road. After going east a long distance away, you will reach a sign at 950, 5, 1208 that says "Wither Skeleton & Blaze Farm." Go up the stairs (north) and you reach a prep room. Go up the second set of stairs located at 956, 44, 1153 and you reach the small Unsafe Safe House that overlooks the dark Nether Fortress where hostile mobs spawn. There are two blaze spawners in the south direction of the platform, with one being at 916, 71, 1198 and the other being right next to it.

The prep room features a furnace, a crafting bench, an ender chest, and three mooshrooms, which are intended for milking if the player intends to use milk buckets to remove any potion effects incurred while using the farm.