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The Zoominous is an animal breeding farm intended to house all available passive mobs. It was started on July 3, 2017 and completed on August 10, 2017. It is built directly on top of SavannaS's first base and a base of genderception. The Zoominous connects to a Music Disc Farm.

The Zoominous is completely open to the public and accessible through the Nether Network. It has a Teleport Hub block located at 353, 100, -830 and in the Teleport Hub, it can be found on the Pink Road - Biway Highway. Both Teleport blocks are hay blocks with stone buttons.


  1. Parrots and Pigs - parrots are not currently breedable. This floor also contains a jukebox with music discs to play, as parrots in close proximity to the jukebox dance to the music. | all colors of parrots are available (5/5)
  2. Horses, Mules, Donkeys, and Skeleton Horses - skeleton horses and mules are not currently breedable | many different colors of horses are available out of the 35 possible variations
  3. Llamas, cats, wolves | 4/5 colors of llamas are available (brown is missing), all colors of cats are available (orange, siamese, black)
  4. Sheep | all colors of sheep are available for breeding and shearing
  5. Mooshrooms, Cows
  6. Rabbits | all rabbit colors (6/6) are available
  7. Oddities - currently consists of one polar bear and two zombie pigmen, none of which can be bred.