Allotments clarifications, January 2017

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This page is a collection of Cassolotl's and the mods' thoughts on the allotments. We're reaching a point where we need to clarify our intentions and the rules for players, and this is just a page to lay out all the thoughts in one place.

The current haps

The Community Allotments on the Dynmap in May 2016. The sandstone building on the left is the nether portal linking to the Nether Network.

The community allotments originally began as a crossroads in the middle of three biomes. The idea was that the four roads would continue infinitely into the distance whenever anyone wanted to add a plot. At some point Cassolotl proposed a system of squares, which went down generally favourably, so now in January 2017 the allotments look something like this:

Allotments January 2017.png

Dynmap link.]

The intention

Cassolotl has a plan in their brain, and if they keep working on it eventually the allotments will end up looking something like this:

Proposed allotments jan 2017.jpg

And this model can continue infinitely in all directions, with a block of 12 plots backing onto four other blocks of 12 plots, with features at the crossroads, etc.

Also, the people who all have plots backing onto one central area could work together to create something cool in the large central area.

Current rules

They're very vague, and mostly a holdover from the "four roads infinitely growing in all directions" plan.

  • Plots must be 9x9 and on a road.
  • One block of space between plots - no more, no less.
  • Your minecraft name must be written in your allotment.
  • If you've not logged in for over a year your plot may be dismantled.

More notes:

  • GriefPrevention is lovely.
  • Good lighting is good for everyone.
  • If you're going away for over a year and you don't want your plot to be dismantled, leave a sign saying so. We'll keep it safe.


There's a few things that are coming up now that the allotments are getting busier and more populated.

  1. It's not currently clear where it's okay for people to build new plots. As a result, some new plots have been built that will need to be moved or removed later.
  2. The rules don't say how many allotments people are allowed to have each, and we have never discussed this - until recently people just had one plot each!
  3. People have been terraforming and taking resources from the immediately surrounding environment, which might make it less fun for people later on who have to choose allotments in those locations. (We tend to have a philosophy of preserving the natural environment and using renewable resources where possible, to keep things nice for future players.)

I've probably missed other concerns.

Proposed solutions

As a temporary measure I (Cassolotl) have announced in the Telegram Chatter group that building is only allowed on plots that have already been laid out.

I'm thinking a rule about not building, terraforming or taking resources from within x blocks of a community build might be a good idea.

I'm also thinking the mods should discuss how many plots per player, and if necessary take it to a server-wide vote.

~Document unfinished!~

Mods, feel free to add to this page. Players, feel free to raise questions and concerns to the Talk page. Thank you!