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Information and guidelines for using this wiki.

This wiki requires new members to be whitelisted on the server and approved by a mod/admin before they can edit pages.

If you want to help improve this wiki, check out the stubs, articles that need images, and wanted pages.

Talk pages

Talk pages are used for discussing the page they refer to. They are edited and formatted in just the same way as regular pages, it's their purpose that is different. There are some simple guidelines which make talk pages easier for everyone to use if followed:

  • When starting a new topic, make a heading so that it's clearly separate from anything else on the page.
  • When you write a comment, type four tidles ~~~~ at the end, which will automatically add a link to your name and a timestamp, looking something like this: Cassolotl (talk) 19:09, 4 February 2016 (UTC).
  • If you want to reply to what someone else has written, start your comment with a colon : to indent the paragraph.
  • Don't edit other people's comments, even to correct errors.

User pages

Don't edit someone else's [[User:Username]] page unless invited to do so. Their talk pages, however, are fair game! Use their talk page as a way to send messages to them (but remember everyone can see what you write on there). Don't forget to sign with four tildes like on any other talk page.

Page and category names

Capitalise only the first word, and any proper nouns.

Good examples:

  • Places in the Nether
  • How-to pages
  • Community projects

Bad examples:

  • Places in The Nether
  • How-to Pages
  • Community Projects

Referring to players

Using third person to describe players (including yourself), with the following exceptions:

  • Pages in the tutorials category - use second person when explaining how to do things (e.g. "use your wooden shovel...").
  • On your user page (do whatever you like!).

When referring to specific players, always use their correct pronouns. If you don't know a player's pronouns, use singular they by default.