Jobs for teleports

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This page is for Cassian to advertise jobs that need doing on the server, for the good of the server, in exchange for teleport blocks.


  • 1x teleport block = 1x teleport block, NOT one pair of teleport blocks.
  • In advance of doing the job, you must tell Cassian that you're about to do it, to prevent two people trying to do it at once and causing a conflict over a teleport block!

Job 1

  • Location: Spawn Island to Subzero underwater railway
  • The job:
    • Replace all of the floor blocks with stone bricks, being careful to replace rails exactly as they were before the job.
    • Replace all the non-glass wall and ceiling blocks with prismarine bricks, being careful to replace redstone torches as they were before the job.
    • Add regular sea lanterns for lighting, taking down all non-redstone torches as you go.
  • The pay: 2x teleport blocks