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Northville on the Dynmap in February 2016.

Northville is a villager apartment complex made by Cassolotl. It is connected to the Nether Network and to Zero Zero and Spawn Island via the Big Silly Bridge. It was one of the first major attractions to be built on the map; because of this and its proximity to Spawn, others have built homes nearby. Northville has become an accidental urban area of sorts.


The complex is square, with a 16x16 space in the middle for golems to spawn. There are many doors and fertile tilled earth on the ground floor to encourage villagers to keep having children if any somehow die. Each floor is made from a different type of wood and has an outdoor area.

Iron farm

On the ground floor is a trapdoor down to a Golem Squisher, which is a source of free iron. It consists of an AFK room with a window that lets you see the golems that are ready to be squished, and a lever that makes lava come out and squish the golems. Iron and rose drops are funnelled into a collection box with hoppers. Spending any time around Northville will cause golems to spawn and drop into the Golem Squisher, and any player can pull the lever to get the iron drops.

Villager trading

The village contains dozens of villagers, many of whom are trapped and labeled for quick and easy trading.