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This page should be a brief and up-to-date rundown of the plugins installed on the server, what they do, and why we have them.


  • What it does: Allows players to regulate the communication and information they see while playing.
  • Why we have it: To allow people who want to play anti-socially or with minimal stimulation to customise their playing experience to suit their needs.
  • Find out more: our page, AutismChat homepage


  • What it does: Allows players to protect their land, builds and chests, and give access and build permission to trusted friends.
  • Why we have it: To help players to set boundaries and feel that they and their work are safe from malicious players.
  • Find out more: our page, Spigot's GriefPrevention page


  • What it does: Allows people to toggle whether other players can hurt them.
  • Why we have it: So players can opt in to PvP ("player vs. player") if they want, without PvP being a server default for all players.
  • Find out more: Spigot's PvPManager page


  • What it does: Creates an in-browser map of the entirety of This Land, and optionally shows player locations.
  • Why we have it: To help players who struggle to navigate, and to help people explore and find a good place to build that suits them.
  • Find out more: our page, our Dynmap, Spigot's Dynmap page


  • What it does: Allows players to type the command /seen <playername> to find out when a particular player last logged in.
  • Why we have it: So that some community areas can be managed more easily, and to give people a rough idea of which players are active.
  • Find out more: Bukkit's Seen page


  • What it does: Keeps a record of every block movement and chest inventory change.
  • Why we have it: So that if anyone's land is griefed or property is stolen, we can find out who did it and take appropriate action.
  • Find out more: Spigot's CoreProtect page

PermissionsEx (aka PEX)

  • What it does: Allows the admin to give fine-tuned permissions to other players on the server.
  • Why we have it: It allows the Admin (Cassolotl) to choose which powers mods have and assign modship to people.
  • Find out more: Spigot's PEX page