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Shop is a Bukkit plugin developed by SnowGears that Cassolotl bought for This Land. It allows players to create attractive and intuitive shops that take up very little space and don't use redstone circuitry. All you need to set up a shop is a chest and a sign.

How to use Shops

Buying and selling

Shops that buy or sell work with virtual currency that you earn automatically for active playing time in-game.

Here's what a typical Shop looks like:

Shop shops.png

Each double-chest is a Shop that buys something (by clicking the sign on the left side of the double-chest) and sells something (by clicking the sign on the right side of the double-chest).

The Shop itself is actually the sign - the chest simply stores the inventory, and once it has a sign on it it can only be opened by the owner of the Shop (who placed the Shop sign), regardless of GriefPrevention claims.

You can view details about the shop, such as remaining items and a clarification of the costs, by right-clicking the chest:

Shop details.png

To buy or sell from the Shop, right-click the sign. You should hear a *ping* and see an animation and a confirmation message in the chat area.

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