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Inactive players

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A section on conflicts over builds of inactive players
* '''Ask [[User:Cassolotl|Cassolotl]] to delete any remaining GriefPrevention claims''', so that you can take items or use that land for something else.
=== What can I take? ===
Anything created and owned solely by a player or players on the list below. This includes but is not limited to:
Please note that you are not entitled to anything that was previously co-owned. If even ''one'' of the players who made and marked something isn't listed below, they are probably still whitelisted, and you cannot take it.
==What if more than one person wants to claim the build of a player who has permanently left the server?== Assuming you have noticed that the build is still claimed and you have asked Cassolotl to remove the GriefPrevention claim as directed above, Cassolotl will be aware if any build has more than one person interested. Players can discuss amongst themselves who gets which build, or they can enlist mediation from a moderator or Cassolotl. * The default option is moderation. Players interested in claims tell Cassolotl, who talks to everyone involved (privately or in a group), and makes the best and fairest decision they can about who gets which builds.* If all interested parties request it, players can decide amongst themselves without mediation. If you do not tell Cassolotl that you are interested in a build, someone else may be given priority when the old GriefPrevention claims are deleted. == Players who have left permanently ===
Listed alphabetically:

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