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Transition to This Land 2.0

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FAQ: "What will change?"
===What will change?===
At the moment there are no suitable plugins to make sure that we have a creative world with an entirely separate inventory, so we won't have a creative world.
The overworld, the nether and the end will all be entirely freshly generated and unexplored, with 1.14.4 features.
There will be no infrastructure (such as handy railways, an XP farm, a teleport hub, a post office, etc.) until players make them.
===What will stay the same?===
We will still have the following plugins:
* GriefPrevention
* AutismChat
* CoreProtect (in case of griefing)
* /seen
* PVP Manager
* Dynmap
We may also still have Floristics - Jay is working on it!
===Will I lose my inventory?===

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