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This wiki is an information resource for existing and prospective players on '''This Land''', an autism-friendly, nonbinary-gender-inclusive Minecraft Server. This Land has been running since June 2014, and is maintained by [[User:Cassolotl|Cassolotl]], hero admin deity. Anyone (including cis people, binary people, and non-autistics) aged 18 or over is welcome so long as they follow [ the rules], but should remember that This Land is specifically tailored to be a safe place for autistic and nonbinary people.
===Please collect your precious items from the Luggage Migration building by 19th February 2020===
You have until noon UK time on 19th February 2020 to collect your most precious possessions from your chest in the Luggage Migration building teleport-linked from Spawn Island.
For more information, click [[Transition to This Land 2.0|here]].
--'''[[User:Cassolotl|<span style="color:#008000">Cassolotl</span>]]''', Admin ''<small>([[User_Talk:Cassolotl|talk]]) <span style="color:#808080">pronouns: they/them</span></small>'' 13:35, 23 November 2019 (UTC)
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