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'''Floristics''' This wiki is a plugin designed by [[User:Jazzable|Jazzable]], based on [ Botany]. It makes trees, grass, flowers and cacti gradually grow back after they have been removed by a player. ==How it works== Plants regrow slowly. The regrowth is natural but not random. They don't necessarily regrow in the exact places that the world generation would have put them, but the plants that regrow are process of the type and density that the biome specifiesbeing moved. So spruce will not grow in a birch forest, and cacti will not grow on beaches. If you plant a sapling, wait for it to grow into a tree, and then cut it down, it will not automatically regrow in that one spot. ===Things that regrow=== * Trees* Some flowers* Grass and tall grass* Cacti* Sugarcane ===Places where plants regrow=== * The Overworld, in areas not claimed by GriefPrevention.* The Overworld, in GriefPrevention claims where Please see the owner new version of the claim turned Floristics this page over on for that claim or all of their claims. ===Places where plants do not regrow=== * The Nether, the Creative World, and the End.* Inside admin-owned GriefPrevention claims - for example, [[Zero Zero]].* Inside GriefPrevention claims that have just been created. ==How to use it== Plants will regrow in any area not claimed by [[GriefPrevention]]. In areas claimed by GriefPrevention, plants will NOT regrow by default. You can toggle whether or not plants regrow in your claims using commands. ===Commands=== When you use a command, you should get a confirmation that your command has worked. Anywhere that says <code>/floristics</code>, you can swap it for <code>new wiki here: https:/flo</code>thisland* <code>/floristics</code> or <code>/floristics help</code> - makes the help text appear, with a list of commandsmiraheze====Per claim==== * <code>org/floristics claim<wiki/code> - tells you whether or not this individual GriefPrevention claim has Floristics enabled (plants regrow) or disabled (plants do not regrow).* <code>/floristics claim enable</code> - turns on Floristics in this GriefPrevention claim, allowing plants to regrow.* <code>/floristics claim disable</code> - turns off Floristics in this GriefPrevention claim, preventing plants from regrowing. ====All claims==== * <code>/floristics all enable</code> - turns on Floristics in ''all'' your GriefPrevention claims, allowing plants to regrow. This overrides individual claim settings.* <code>/floristics all disable</code> - turns off Floristics in ''all'' your GriefPrevention claims, preventing plants from regrowing. This overrides individual claim settings.    [[Category:Plugins]]

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