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Nether Hub

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[[File:2016-05_Gay_Bathroom.png|300px|thumb|right|Nether Hub: Gay Bathroom Edition.]]The '''Nether Hub''' (AKA the Big Gay Bathroom) This wiki is a room around the centre of the map (x = 0, y = 8.5, z = 0) in the nether that was built and is maintained by the community led by [[User:Cassolotl|Cassolotl]]. It is a central point - all roads in the [[Nether Network]] lead to the hub. It is connected to [[Subzero]] and [[Spawn Island]] by nether portals. ==Features== We haz them. ===Mob-free=== The hub and the entire network are paved with slabs to prevent mob spawns. ===Horse pen=== Since the Nether Network is so big now, and most process of the useful bits are accessible by horse, players benefit from having a horse in the nether just for getting aroundbeing movedThe horse pen is designed such that a player can jump over Please visit the fence, and a horse and its rider can simply ''walk'' over the fence, but a horse without a rider can't walk out alone. ===Mooshrooms=== There's an enclosure for some mooshrooms, plus a box full new version of bowls for easy mushroom soup acquisition. The mooshroom pen's floor is grass and flowers, so pigmen can spawn, though this is rare. The fence prevents their escape. ===Whimsy button=== Cassolotl the whimsical admin made a button that does silliness. Push it; it's totally safe but pleasingly aesthetic. ===Glass lift=== In one corner there is a glass lift shaft. Going up there will take you to the oldhub, and then on to the surface of the nether. ==History== ===Oldhubpage here: Grass Edition=== [[Filehttps:2016-02-Hub from Zero Zero portal//thisland.png|300px|thumb|right|The Nether Hub as seen from the portal to Subzero, in February 2016miraheze.]]This was the first true "hub" in the Nether. It existed until April 2016. The new hub was built below the old one, so if you take the glass elevator shaft up you can see the remnants of the old hub and use the old network tunnels. It's paved with cobblestone to prevent pigman spawns, and the old whimsy button is still there. * '''Informal junk yard'''. Following the dismantling of the junk yard at [[Zero Zero]], Cassolotl threw down a few boxes with accompanying signs and item frames for easy navigation. Players dropped off unwanted inventory items and picked up useful bits and pieces on a regular basis. It has been replaced by the new junk yard in setavulos' swamp town.* '''AFK room.''' Because the floor was grass blocks, pigmen and other small nether mobs could spawn freely. There was a 3x3 room protected by glass and a wooden door with a pressure plate inside for speedy escapes. It was paved with slabs to prevent spawns.* '''Navigation.''' Posts and paths made of coloured wool and signs led the way to the coloured arches. [[Category:Places in the Nether]] [[Category:Community projects]] [[Category:Made by Cassolotl]] [[Category:Made by fallerOfFalls]] [[Category:Made by Kachek47]]org/wiki/Nether_Hub

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