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Spawn Island

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'''Spawn Island ''' is the small island near the centre of the world which contains the global spawn point. It contains various amenities and materials which are useful for new players, as well as decorative areas. It is connected to [[Zero Zero and Subzero]] by the [[Big Silly Bridge]] and the [[Nether Network]]. There is an underwater railway link in progress. ==Features== ===Skeleton XP farm=== Switches on and off. Contains link to Nether Hub via portal in side-room. All the bones, bows, arrows and damaged armour. Brewing stand and small farm for potions. Fully-powered enchanting table. Beds for public use. Slime farm that doesn't work. Mush Room for growing mushrooms for potions, with light switch to prevent mobs when not in use. ===Little house of boxes=== Built by MowLiao. ===Safe House=== Built by MowLiao. ===Mine=== Totally not even nearly safe. ===Skyland with Tree Farm=== Built by MowLiao. ===Skyland with Animal Farm=== Built by MowLiao. ==History==[[File:2014-08-12 Spawn map cropped.png|thumb|200px|right|The Spawn Island in August 2014, 2 months after the server was started.]] [[Category:Community projects]] [[Category:Built by Cassolotl]] [[Category:Built by MowLiao]] [[Category:XP farms]]

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