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Everything you could ever need to know about Mods on This Land.
== The Mods ==
* [[User:Jazzable]] (IGN Jazzable)
* [[User:birdsprite]] (IGN Prototagonist)
== Commands Mods can use ==
* <code>/ban <player></code> - to ban someone. Note that only Admins can "unban" (<code>/pardon</code>).
* <code>/banlist</code> - list all banned players.
* CoreProtect [ commands]:
** Inspect
** Lookup
** Reload
** Help
=== Handy notes ===
* Being blue doesn't give you Mods any extra abilities; it just lets others know that you're in-game on modding business and may be available for mod tasks. == Nominating a Mod == You can nominate a mod on this article's [[Talk:Mods|talk page]]. First check whether Cassolotl is open to new mod nominations, and then use the following template: <code><nowiki>Template</nowiki></code>

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