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Nominating a Mod: Template
You can nominate a mod on this article's [[Talk:Mods|talk page]]. First check whether Cassolotl is open to new mod nominations, and then use the following template:
<code><nowiki>Template===Date===</nowiki><br><nowiki>* '''Name of nominee:''' IGN, [[User:Userpage]]</nowiki><br><nowiki>* '''Nominator signature:''' </nowiki><br><nowiki>* '''Second signature:''' </nowiki><br><nowiki>* '''Nominee consent and signature:''' </nowiki><br><nowiki>* '''Admin approval and signature:''' </nowiki><br><nowiki>* '''Vote date and outcome:''' </nowiki><br><nowiki>* '''Mod status granted date:''' </nowiki><br><nowiki>* '''Mod status revoked date:''' </nowiki><br><nowiki>* '''Mod status revoted reason:''' </nowiki></code>

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