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Mod abilities, notes on role.
* [[User:Jazzable]] (IGN Jazzable)
* [[User:birdsprite]] (IGN Prototagonist)
Do not approach a mod or the admin for modthings unless their IGN is /blue in tablist. If their IGN is not /blue, they are just here as an average player.
Having said that, a mod or admin ''can'' warn or ban someone at any time for breaking the rules.
If you wish to contact a mod or admin, follow guidance on their in-game mailbox or on their wiki userpage. If that user has not provided guidance in either of these places, do not try to contact them about modthings.
===Mod abilities===
Mods can:
* Change their [[IGN]] to /blue, to signal to others that they're in-game on mod business and may be available for mod tasks.
* Warn people who break the [[server rules]].
* Ban a player who's previously received a warning for breaking any rules.
* Use CoreProtect to find out who placed blocks and when.
Mods cannot:
* Unban
* Do anything special in GriefPrevention
* Rollback griefing or theft using CoreProtect
If these things need doing, [[User:Cassolotl#Contact|contact Cassolotl]].
== Commands Mods can use ==

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