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== Advice for Mods ==
As a Mod, you have the ability to help maintain the game environment for players. It's a pretty easy-going server because of the whitelist, so your extra powers are minimal, but sometimes things go wrong and it's good to know what you are and are not required to do.
Always remember that you're a member of the Mods group on Telegram, and we are here to support you.
=== Do: ===
* '''Take action on rule-breakers''' or pass the case on to other Mods in the Telegram group at any time. You can warn for first offences, and ban thereafter. If you're not sure whether to ban, or you don't feel confident, come find us in the Mods group. You have every right to ban disrespectful players immediately, and you have Cassolotl's support to do so.
* '''Use CoreProtect to find out who griefed or stole''' if you are available and able. If not, pass it on in the Telegram group.
* '''Switch to /blue if you're in the mood for Modly responsibility.''' If you're in-game for Modthings or you want to let people know you're approachable for Modthings, the blue modhat is a nice way to show it.
=== Do not: ===
* '''Feel obliged to be /blue.''' You have a right to be an average player 99% of the time, albeit a player with slightly deitous abilities. But don't consider yourself on-duty all the time, it's no good.
* '''Feel obliged to help players.''' Mods aren't meant to be guidance, welcome wagon, etc. There are players who love to welcome newbies, so if you feel it's appropriate you could mention any calls for help in the main Chatter Telegram group or encourage the player to call for help in the Advertisements group.
=== You can't: ===
* '''Replace lost items.''' If it was because Cassolotl did something admin-shaped and messed up, they'll probably replace the items - pass the case along to Cassolotl. If it was because of a bug or a glitch, encourage the player to report the bug to the plugin or mod developers, and then pass the message along to Cassolotl.

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