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Nether Hub Redesign April 2016 Plan

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Getting the tunnels started: Instructions for adding portals to the new nether network
** South-west: to x=-400, z=400.
** North-west: to x=-250, z=-250.
===Connecting up everyone's portals===
Using [ Jay's spreadsheet] and the co-ordinates of your topside or netherside portal, feel free to add or move a portal to the new lower network.
# If you haven't already, build your topside portal and light it. '''Do not walk through.'''
# Stand right next to it and make a note of your x and z co-ordinates.
# Go to Jay's spreadsheet.
# File > Make a copy.
# Answer the question "what information do you already have?" by telling it whether you have your topside or netherside portal co-ordinates.
# Select "I'm digging from the main road to my portal".
# Enter your co-ordinates. The spreadsheet will tell you which colour road to walk down.
# In Minecraft, make it show the debug screen so you can see your avatar's co-ordinates.
** On a Mac that's Fn+F3 on your keyboard.
# Head to the new y=8.5 nether hub.
# Walk down the road of the colour the spreadsheet told you, and stop walking when you get to the co-ordinates that the spreadsheet calls "Start at these co-ordinates on the road:"
# Dig in the direction it tells you. Make your path 2 blocks wide and 4 blocks high, and then pave it with the slab of your choice. This will prevent mob spawns and allow horses to be ridden down the road, with minimal digging.
# If you already have your portal built at y=8 netherside, you should run into it.
# If you haven't already built your netherside portal, stop digging when you get to the co-ordinates that the spreadsheet calls "Your nether-side portal needs to be at:"
# Build your portal, light it, and step through. You should end up at your topside portal.
# When you head back through to the Nether, you might end up at your old portal in the old nether network at y=13.5. It's safe to dismantle your old portal now.
** If you end up at an unexpected or unfamiliar portal, make a note of your x y z co-ordinates and any signs and landmarks in the area, and then ask for help in the Telegram Chatter group or on this page's talk page.
==Done things==

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