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Nether Hub Redesign April 2016 Plan

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Making the New Hub room: Walls and archway in new cosmetic section
Get some crafting tables and ovens up in here for convenience somehow.
===Cosmetic stuff in the new nether hub room===
After all eight tunnels have been marked out, use wool to mark each archway as in the mock-up. There's some wool in the box in the middle of the old hub.
* North: red
* North-east: orange
* East: yellow
* South-east: green
* South: blue
* South-west: dark blue
* West: purple
* North-west: grey
These colours are not final and may be subject to change. We were undecided in the group about which colours we should use, and so here I am using the colours that are in the mock-up.
Once the archways are in place, replace as much of the walls as possible with quartz blocks, floor to ceiling. Take quartz from the old nether hub walls, and when you run out, start using snow and/or white wool blocks.
===Getting the tunnels started===

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